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Solutions for the large-scale industrial and commercial refrigeration sector


AB Tehnic have more than 15 years of experience on HVAC and Refrigeration Market.The experience of our specialists help us to deliver the most effective technical solutions.


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Compressor Packs

With Bitzer, Copeland, Frascold, Bock compressors.

Bicold   Emerson   Italia Refrigerazione

Brazed, Plate or Tube heat exchangers

Heat Recovers and Wather Coolers

DK   Fiorini   Thermokey

Cooling and Freezing equipments

  • Freezing plates
  • Spiral-freezers
  • Equipment in continuous band



Ventilation equipments

Chillers, CTA, close-controllers, dry-coolers, fan-convectors, roof-tops…

A.C.M. Kalte Klima   Technair   Thermokey   York Johnson Controls


Why do you need a consultant for your business?

Since 2002, FRIGO CONSULT TEHNIC AB represent an autonomic consultancy company in refrigeration technology. FRIGO CONSULT TEHNIC AB it is designing for refrigeration and distribution to various parts. FRIGO CUNSULT TEHNIC AB Team seeks continued growth and success in the field of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.


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