AB Tehnic Profesional SRL understands current trends and needs, so that the products we represent are aimed at significantly reducing energy consumption and protecting the environment.

In order to be able to offer you the highest quality products, we collaborate with different companies from abroad, such as:


Emerson Climate Technologies is a global provider of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC & R) solutions.

They offer a range of high quality technical products and services, being world leaders through their brands in the field of engineering, design, installations, distribution and monitoring capacity to create reliable and efficient climate systems that contribute to improving human climate comfort , but also to the protection of the environment.


A small company that offers top expertise to customers around the world. It focuses on the industrial segment and that of consumer refrigeration techniques. The main areas of action are the detection of defects, the revision and optimization of existing systems, but also those in new buildings, as well as the design and development of advanced processes and equipment for the refrigeration segment.

Existing solutions address well-known problems in the refrigeration system, but with a new approach, high efficiency and simple operation, which results in lower costs.


For the past 60 years, Biddle has stood out among its competitors for its high performance and customized solutions. Biddle has factories in Kootstertille (Netherlands) and Nuneaton (UK) where a large number of ambiance products are distributed daily.

The ultra-modern mechanical park, an innovative research and development department, a team of consultants with a great deal of experience and the dedication to produce the highest quality products are the pillars of this company’s success. Biddle develops, manufactures and markets highly efficient equipment for separating indoor and outdoor climate.



For over 25 years, BG Door International has been the world’s leading supplier of sectional refrigerated doors for a wide range of food products, including tropical fruits and bananas. BG Door has developed a superior range of gas-tight doors using high quality seals and insulating materials. Perfectly sealed fruit ripening chambers ensure satisfactory performance.

Thanks to their extensive experience and close collaboration with renowned banana ripening specialists, the company can offer services in several branches. BG Door products are guaranteed and recommended for banana cooling and baking spaces.

BRANDONI – manufacturer of iron and bronze valves for the industrial sector

Brandoni is a renowned manufacturer of iron and bronze valves for the industrial sector.

For more than 50 years, the company has been active on the market of industrial heating solutions, but also for domestic use, air conditioning installations, in the naval industry, gas distribution and water.

Over 30% of the energy consumed by the company comes from renewable sources.


CABERO is an innovative full service provider and top manufacturer of heat exchangers for freezing and air conditioning.

The trader, founded in 1980 by Tino Cabero Sr., has grown over time to become one of the most important full-service providers of heat exchangers for air conditioning systems and refrigeration technology.

In addition to its headquarters, the company also owns 3 factories (Germany, Hungary and China) as well as 17 sales offices in various national and international locations.


Clima Check is a Swedish company that has developed a full range of hardware and software to optimize the functionality and day-to-day operations of heat pumps, refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Proven Climate Check solutions significantly increase energy efficiency and reduce consumption by 10 to 30%, while helping to increase plant resilience, reduce equipment wear and reduce operating costs.

COOL TOOL – software pentru proiectare

Cool Tool is a fully integrated design program, able to cover almost any possible need related to design in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning, providing direct information for practical applications.

The software allows the rapid, accurate and efficient realization of all important calculations in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning: from estimating the air flow in the psychrometric scheme, to the cooling load for cold rooms and air conditioners.


In 1978, the company was transformed into a partnership and moved to its new headquarters in Albignasego, where it began its production of air dehumidifiers, expanding in the meantime to the branch of humidifiers.

During its activity, the company gave the greatest importance to the quality of its products. Quality has remained one of the main points of development policy.

DECSA – cooling towers

Since 1975, DECSA has designed, manufactured and marketed installations for the recovery of heat from water cooling circuits (cooling towers) and for the condensation of refrigerant gases (condensers with forced evaporation).

The company has rich experience in designing and customizing solutions for this industry and has been ISO 9001 certified for over 10 years. 70% of DECSA’s production is for export.


DK was founded in Emsdetten, Germany and made a name for itself as the first manufacturer to offer a heat recovery system with multiple heat exchangers mounted in a single tank.

This unique solution has paved the way for new customer groups, such as bakers, butchers, supermarkets and restaurants. Currently, the company produces heat recuperators and water coolers in order to achieve fuel savings.

DOSTMANN – precision measurement equipment

When we talk about equipment for measuring temperature, humidity, air flow and pressure, the standard is Dostmann.

The company has modern production lines where the equipment is assembled by qualified personnel.


Intarcon is the leading Spanish manufacturer for commercial and industrial refrigeration units, operating in more than 20 countries. Intarcon’s team has valuable experience in these sectors, focusing on the development and manufacture of a new range of compact and separate units for commercial and industrial refrigeration.


With over 20 years of experience EBARA Pumps Europe S.p.A. is one of the world leaders in the design and production of centrifugal electric pumps for the industrial and domestic sectors.

Eliwell – automation for installations

Part of the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, Eliwell and Invensys are now part of the Schneider Electric Group. In these 30 years the company has developed some of the most popular products in this field.

Eliwell continues to develop the range of controllers taking into account contemporary energy saving requirements without sacrificing functionality.


Globally, we increasingly feel the need to make a drastic decision to reduce CO2 emissions: only in this way can we guarantee a green future for our planet.

In order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, 12-year-old Euroklimat has decided to invest in propane, a natural refrigerant that is not harmful to the environment or humans.

FABRICAIR – dispersion systems

On the dispersion systems market since 1973, Fabricair now has 100 employees, its headquarters in Denmark and sales representatives in the USA, Germany and Great Britain, and the factory in Lithuania. 80-85% of turnover goes to export; Fabricair products are sold in 35 countries.


Fiorini was founded in 1979 as a company specialized in plant engineering and for the renewable energy sector. Fiorini offers a complete range of products for:

1. Energy from renewable sources

2. Heating

3. Air conditioning


Fieldpiece is a manufacturer of HVACR instruments dedicated to technicians for measurements, air flow, manifolds, refrigerant leak detectors, A / C analysis and more.


FlowControl high quality valves for cooling and heating systems.

We specialize in balancing and regulating fluids.

FRIOIL oil cleaning equipment and ultrasonic system for oil leaks

The exclusive owner of the patent for the automatic cleaning system of refrigeration systems using its own refrigerant, RefriApp company recovers and recycles while improving the thermodynamic performance and cooling capacity of the plants thus extending the life of the compressors.


Blow-freezers and blow-chillers, modular cold rooms.

FUEHLER – sensors for temperature, humidity, pressure and air quality

FuehlerSystems eNET International GmbH develops, manufactures and distributes sensor systems for measuring the environment such as temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality, flow, brightness and motion.

FuehlerSystems thus has, as one of the few bidders in this segment, a wide range of products, which offers a suitable solution for any measurement. In addition, a special sensor construction is available for individual requirements, which allows a high degree of flexibility.

HB PRODUCTSSensors for industrial refrigeration systems.

HB Products is a development-oriented company specializing in the production of sensors for industrial refrigeration systems.

Beyond its expertise in refrigerant and oil control, HB Products has the know-how on the design and optimization of industrial refrigeration systems.

HB Products has obtained a solid global position, this being the result of the ability to think from the perspective of new technical solutions, to create reliable products.

HERLvalves and automation for installations

The Parker Industrial Refrigeration Group (Refrigeration Division and Herl) is the largest supplier of actuators and controls for the food industry. The special refrigeration division has been manufacturing and distributing control elements for more than 90 years.

Herl’s special refrigeration division has been manufacturing and distributing service items for over 77 years. Both divisions are continuously improving their supply to meet the demand of customers, new refrigerants, technologies and regulations.

Whether you are looking for solenoid valves, level regulators, safety valves, industrial pressure regulating elements or manually operated valves for commercial control elements and solenoid valves, they have a solution. With a distribution network in over 60 countries, they are your worldwide source for all industrial and commercial refrigeration requirements.


Gas detection systems are an indispensable safety feature in a range of industrial processes. Consider the routine daily use of gas in heating and cooling systems, in addition to the hazardous gases produced by processes such as fermentation, incineration, engine combustion to name a few.

These gases can be explosive or toxic, as well as colorless, odorless and tasteless. Therefore, the gases and their presence in the ambient air must be monitored accurately and professionally continuously for a period of 24 hours.


Italia Refrigerazione is an Italian equipment manufacturer that manufactures condensers and multi-compressor systems for refrigeration in the industrial and commercial sectors.

The combination of experience and research gave birth to the Italia Refrigerazione project. Over time the company has grown due to the constant dialogue with distributors and the close collaboration with the Research & Development Department of Italia Refrigerazione who designed the products. Nowadays the product range has increased to meet all the requirements of our customers and includes condensing units, refrigeration plants, split systems, water cooled units and much more.

The main concern and power of Italia Refrigerazione was to offer superior quality, in the shortest delivery time along with the possibility of customized product configuration. Italia Refrigerazione uses the best components in its products, ensuring the best results.

JCI – HVAC-R equipment

Operating in more than 150 countries, JCI is a leading provider of equipment, control and services for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, security and building management systems.

The company produces among the most robust equipment for HVAC and Refrigeration, components and controllers in the current market.


The company offers specialized services in terms of gas leakage control and monitoring systems, and its main objective is the sale and maintenance of gas monitoring equipment for central heating units and carbon monoxide monitoring and control systems in parking spaces. .

All products are designed and manufactured in Switzerland. It exports about 50% of total production. In principle, the business is run by the companies with which it is in partnership. Kimessa received ISO 9001: 2000 authorization in the summer of 2004.


LIFA AIR Ltd is the world leader in the production of indoor air freshening equipment, being specialized in Ventilation Hygiene and Building Protection.

LU-VE – refrigeration equipment

The LU-VE group means experience, tradition, future-oriented thinking and innovation. LU-VE means people: women, men, but also ideas. Experienced people, creative and enthusiastic young people, highly qualified professionals, all united by their common passion for the work they carry out.

LU-VE has introduced a new way to design and produce refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, using cutting-edge technologies and thus becoming a benchmark for this industry.

LU-VE is an international group, with factories in various countries and sales representatives in 13 countries.


Founded in 1998 in a small workshop in the city of Avigliana, MIV has managed to develop and grow, today having a modern production plant. Nowadays, MIV produces thousands of industrial refrigerated doors: Swivel, Sliding and Flip-Flap for various manufacturers in the food industry worldwide. A strong point of the MIV company is the short response time to the requests for quotation and also the observance of the delivery time.

PIGO – manufacturers of food freezing and processing technologies and equipment

PIGO is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of high-quality freezing technologies, fruit and vegetable processing equipment and products for freeze-drying and dehydrating frozen foods. Due to the high technology and know-how, PIGO srl can offer its customers customized solutions, from design to manufacture and delivery of finished products (equipment) for the food industry.


It offers a high freezing, freeze-drying technology dedicated to fruits and vegetables.


Spanish engineering company that offers technical solutions using special applications for the maintenance of HVAC and cooling systems.


JSC “Refra” is one of the most important companies in the field of refrigeration equipment manufacturing. With long-term working experience, the official representative of world leaders in compressors and other spare parts for refrigeration equipment, it owns the widest range of products. It offers an individual approach to each customer and professionalism, and these advantages have allowed the company to get wide publicity in the refrigeration market segment.

TECHNO COOLING – demisting pumps and accessories

One of the leaders in the defogger production industry, Techno Cooling offers its customers a wide range of solutions for the commercial and industrial sectors. In its 38 years of activity, the company has built a solid reputation on the profile market. Combining highly qualified experience, Techno Cooling employees work based on the principles: “quality, performance, value”.


The originality, design and attention paid to market demands have allowed TECNAIR LV products to offer innovative solutions designed to reduce design, manufacturing and operating costs.

THERMOKEY – refrigeration equipment

Thermokey was established in 1991 and in its 25 years of activity, the company has produced various types of heat exchangers and has established itself globally as a major manufacturer of cooling equipment for air conditioning, refrigeration and cooling processes.

The company designs and manufactures the equipment it sells and is internationally certified. Standard models of heat exchangers can be customized according to customer requirements.

The company has factories in Italy, Brazil, Turkey, France, Germany and Poland, as well as an extensive network of distributors in Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and Latin America.


From the beginning, our mission has been to offer our customers the best solutions for heat exchangers. The efficiency of the heat exchanger is fundamental in the energy transition. Vahterus is the inventor, pioneer and market leader in Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger technology.


For more than 30 years, VDH Products BV has been developing and producing mechanical and electronic instruments for measuring temperature, pressure and relative humidity.

The company has developed focusing on the modern customer, having loyal customers in Europe, North America, South America and Asia.


From the beginning, WITT specialized in the refrigeration industry. Their success over the years has been due to the inventiveness and loyalty of the staff, which is constantly composed of 100-120 employees.

Qualification and quality have always been a priority over quantity. Cooling pumps, regulators, pressure units and other refrigeration components are designed, developed and manufactured by our staff.

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