CABERO air coolers and air cooled condensers

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Professional Industrial Line with products such as: Air Coolers / Vaporizers are suitable for all industrial applications but also for large commercial installations. In-line pipeline configuration has been optimized for long-term storage of perishable products (such as meat, fish, fruits and vegetables).

It is designed in order to take into account the end user as well as his requirements regarding the maintenance at minimum levels of moisture elimination from the cold rooms but also from the stored products. The minimum weight loss is obtained by the configuration of these units that keep the temperature of the cooling surface higher and closer to the inlet temperature thus achieving a lower rate of air drying and a minimization of ice formation on the surface of the heat exchanger.

In this way it becomes obvious that the frequency and duration of thawing are reduced by creating systems with a more stable operation that reduce energy consumption and, in addition, improve the added value for the end user. The resistance to lateral air pressure is also lower, with a minimized layer of ice on the surfaces of the heat exchanger, thus reducing the energy consumption of the fans. Such conditions not only improve the visual appearance of the stored product, but also extend its durability both in the cold room and on the supermarket shelf.


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