FIORINI brazed, plate or tubular heat exchangers

AB Tehnic Profesional offers you a wide range of equipment for heating and conditioning hot, domestic and heat exchanger systems.

Heat exchanger in plates

Heat exchangers (K and F series) are designed and made with materials and applications that guarantee high standards of sustainable efficiency for residential applications and industrial processes.

Brazed heat exchangers

Brazed heat exchangers (P series) are used for heating, cooling and heat recovery systems. The quality of the components and the carefully made brazing process turn them into reliable products. The design of the plates allows to achieve increased heat exchange performance and a lower pressure loss. In addition, the product has an increased resistance to pressure and high temperatures (T max 195 ° C, P max 30 bar).

Brazed heat exchangers can be used for many types of fluids in various combinations eg water / water, water / oil, water / steam, steam / oil, Freon / water etc.

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