CoolTool diagnosis and design systems

Cool Tool is a program of & nbsp; fully integrated design, able to cover almost any possible need for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Design, giving direct information for practical applications of the required information.

Cool Tool includes a wide range of graphics, printable pages and other features. The comprehensive database contains most of the main compressors, vaporizers, condensers, dehydrating filters, visors and can also be used for indirect cooling systems.

CoolTool includes global climate data to allow the calculation of the energy efficiency of heat pumps and the most suitable regulation / control system. It allows the design of the entire pipe network, the calculation of the pressure loss, the dimensioning of the single / double ascending pipes, the selection of parts, the calculation of the air conditioning cooling load, the realization of documentation, technical drawings, calculation of cold demand, list of materials etc.

It contains a comprehensive database, comprising more than 22,000 parts and components and is continuously updated.

   Program modules

Modulul 1. One-stage refrigeration system

Modulul 2. two-stage refrigeration systems using refrigerant injection or medium container pressure

Modulul 3. Direct steam refrigeration systems

Modulul 4. Refrigeration systems with secondary refrigerants (Water, Glycol)

Modulul 5. Drowning refrigeration systems

Modulul 6. Graphs h, x

Modulul 7. Calculation of cooling chambers

Modulul 8. Cooling capacity for air conditioning

Modulul 9. CoolDraw drawing program for system flow diagrams and electrical wiring

Modulul 10. Heat Pump Pro Heat Pump Systems

Modulul 11. CoolTool installation calculation

Modulul 12. CoolTool EnerSIm Pro energy optimization

Modulul 13: CoolTool for systems with single-phase parallel flow / low pressure compressor with direct vaporization in two temperature stages

Modulul 14. CoolTool Database

Modulul 15. CoolTool Diagnose

CoolTool Guide for sizing and designing refrigeration and air conditioning systems

Training video courses

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