BG Door fast food cooling equipment

Fast pre-cooling mobile units

The mobile unit allows fast cooling to the desired temperature of fruits and vegetables (soft). The unit uses the cold air in the warehouse and distributes it actively and efficiently.

It can cool from two rows of pallets up to a maximum of 24 pallets. The mobile unit is equipped with a timer and optionally with temperature or humidity sensors, both with display and the possibility to set the desired value. In addition to rapid cooling, the mobile unit can also be used successfully for drying food.


Ecotop Start is an easy-to-connect and easy-to-use food baking unit. It is pre-installed and tested and includes air cooler, pump (cooling and heating), control system, temperature sensor, manually operated tarpaulin and watertight door. It is used for all types of pallets, boxes and pre-loaded rooms.

 EcoTop Start offers multiple benefits.

It`s construction is simple, flexible and economical, which determines a low electricity consumption.

The unit allows the adjustment of the cooling capacity and adjustable air flow for baking with high humidity. In this way you will benefit from the maximum quality of the fruits at low costs.


The tarpaulin is made of Trevira fabric with PVC coating and fiberglass reinforcement to withstand air pressure. The tarpaulin is fixed on the suction wall with special guide and rollers for adjustment according to the height of the pallets. The pressure roller ensures the coverage of the pallets and their airtightness with tarpaulin. We recommend placing the integrated compressible foam (100 × 100) on the suction walls to prevent air from entering behind the vanes.

TARP RT – Systems for baking tarpaulins: provided with a manual pipe with movable rollers, electrically operated by a single-phase 220V tube motor, easy to use by staff.

TARP RF – Fixed point system for baking sheet: fixed point, roller pipe on the ceiling of the room, electrically operated 3-phase 400V / 50Hz, with switch mounted in front of the room.

TARP PT – Pre-cooling tarpaulin system: provided with a manual pipe with movable rollers in a rail system, electrically operated by a single-phase motor easy to operate by means of a switch.

TARP PF – Fixed point system for pre-cooling: fixed point roller pipe on the ceiling of the chamber and is electrically driven by a single-phase tube motor, provided with a switch in front of the chamber.

TARP PB – Fixed point system pre-cooling box motor: fixed point with roller roller on the ceiling and electrically operated 3-phase 400V / 50Hz, with switch.

TARP PW –Pre Cool wall system: wall installed with roller pipe and electrically operated by a single-phase 220 V tube motor, operated by means of the included remote control and the aluminum rod.

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