CUOGHI humidification and dehumidification systems

Humidifiers are devices that are easy to install, check and clean.

They are equipped with a filter that reduces the frequency of maintenance operations, necessary to increase the efficiency of the equipment. They can be installed on the wall or hung, all supports being supplied with the equipment.

The equipment is designed to prevent the formation of mold and bacteria in standing water: the water tank that is charged during operation is very small (approximately

0.25 l) and is automatically emptied when the humidifier stops, reducing the amount of water. which remains inside the unit. Therefore, the small size of the tank allows a quick replacement of the water and ensures that the sprayed water is clean and fresh.

The costs of this equipment for installation, operation and maintenance are low. The units can be supplied with drinking water supplied by the city’s main supply network or with demineralized water.

Dehumidifiers are devices with a freezing circuit which, when introduced into an environment in which it is intended to dehumidify the air, the air flow recirculates gradually decreasing the humidity level to the desired value. Lowering the humidity will also reduce the humidity of the walls and things in the room. All models operate on the basis of environmentally friendly refrigerants (R134a and R407c).

All units are fully designed and tested and the components that make up the engine itself have been selected for efficiency and durability. The use of low-energy fans and rotary compressors helps to reduce energy consumption and increase performance.

This equipment is equipped with a filter that prevents dirt from entering the heat exchanger, increasing the efficiency of the equipment over time. The filter can be easily removed for cleaning. Can be vacuumed, compressed air or washed in water.

Dehumidifiers can have a customized look if ordered.

Catalog Cuoghi EN-RO

For air ducts:

Humidifiers, seria AC

For industrial and agricultural production spaces:

Humidifiers, seria UCV

For small warehouses and cold rooms:

Humidifiers Mini Neb

For warehouses and cold rooms:

Humidifiers NEB 6500

For rooms with controlled atmosphere:

Humidifiers NEB 6500 ATC

For humidification with sterile steam:

Steam humidifier

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