LifaAir pipe cleaning equipment




Through development and research, LifaAir creates innovations that ensure the sanitation of ventilation systems.

The most important components for ventilation sanitation are the equipment with brushes and those for collecting dust:

  • Brush devices
  • Air jet devices
  • Sprayers
  • To these are added the dedicated video cameras for piping inspection.

DEMO Video – Pipe cleaning




Air Jet Combi 20


Special cleaner 20 PE

Special Cleaner 25 Multi



Combicleaner 15

Combicleaner 40

HVAC Ventilation Hygiene


Hydmaster with video camera



Combines for vacuuming residues / dust

Dry cleaner

Lifa AirClean 3500

Airclean 7000

Lifa HepaClean 1000 (500)       

Lifa HepaClean 1100 (800)


Lifa HepaClean 2500


Lifa HepaClean 4000



Pipeline inspection

Duct control


Brush 100mm M12

Brush 200mm M12

Brush 300mm M12

Brush 400mm M12

Brush 500mm M12

Brush 600mm M12

Brush 700mm M12

Brush 800mm M12

Brush 1200mm M12

Brush with nylon center 200mm

Brush with nylon center 300mm

Brush with nylon center 400mm

Brush with nylon center 500mm

Brush with nylon center 600mm

Brush with nylon center 700mm

Brush with nylon center  800mm

Brush with nylon center 1000mm

Grease removal concept

Special cleaner 2


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