Fuehler temperature, humidity, pressure and air quality sensors

AB Technic Professional is authorized distributor for sensors for temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality, flow, brightness and movement.

FuehlerSysteme eNET International GmbH develops, manufactures and sells detection technologies for measuring environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality, flow rate, brightness and motion. FuehlerSysteme is one of the few suppliers in this sector, equipped with a wide range of products that offer appropriate solutions for any type of measurement. Customization is also available, which allows a high level of flexibility

The target group of FuehlerSysteme is represented by those who work in the field of building automation systems and energy management, as well as in the industrial processing sector.

Our clients are manufacturers of buildings / installations / factories, but also of automation, groups that offer protection within the ICA technology (Independent Computing Architecture / Architecture of Independent Computing), in the sector of industrial automation / buildings, enterprises that deal with the realization of installations, administrators of some buildings, contractors and agents in the field of energy / process optimization. In our business, we focus on maximizing energy efficiency in the production, distribution and use of these products, so that a sustainable use of resources is possible for a secure future.

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