“Natural Refrigerating Agencies” – innovation and quality, solutions to success “

On March 27-28, 2019, in the Luxembourg hall of the RIN Grand Hotel, the company AB TEHNIC opened its doors for business partners as well as for companies interested in this segment – an important supplier of refrigeration products, respectively on the occasion of the Seminar & “Natural Refrigeration Agencies” course – innovation and quality, solutions to success “.

Located in the first edition in its current format, the conference was opened to specialists from companies operating in this industry: distributors of cooling / heating systems, construction companies, installers, engineers who provide specialized services in execution & assembly, implementation, on new technologies as well as the improvement of the existing ones that will determine the design of the installations on new principles.

The event brings together renowned professionals in the field of engineering. The participants had the opportunity to know in detail the advantages of using natural agents: R290 -propane, R717 – ammonia, R744 – CO2 and components: compressors, vaporizers, valves, control elements, design and use principles, but also safety elements. , also receiving useful information on practical solutions, product range news, projects around the world and much more.

    “Last but not least, those present had the opportunity to meet both the AB TEHNIC team and the main renowned suppliers as well as the products from: HB Products, LUVE, Brandoni, Cabero, Emerson, Johnson Controls, Euroklimat, Decsa, WITT, Herl Parker, Vahterus Intarcon, Inosent, Fiorini and many others. We are privileged to have had the chance to implement the novelty, providing practical data, which helps the professional development of interested entities. This is just the beginning.”said Adrian Balaoi, founder and CEO of Frigo Consult AB.

“HFCs used mainly in refrigeration equipment, air conditioning and heat pumps are thousands of times more harmful to the climate than CO2.

The Kigali amendment entered into force on 1 January 2019.

In order for the objectives to be achieved effectively and cost-effectively, all relevant governments and industries will already need to take action now to ensure that environmentally friendly alternatives are used, ”added Dir. ABT technician Lucian Nedelcu.

The organizers also created an exhibition in the Brussels hall in the same hotel, with the latest products of the latest technology so that participants can really see the products discussed.

Details regarding the partners and the product range can be found in the following link by accessing:


speaker Per Skaerbaek Nielsen.

In this context, with the adoption in the European Union of F-Gas regulations – “F-Gas regulations” – natural refrigerants have become a point of great interest in the industry. In Romania, the process of switching to natural agents is in full swing, and the new technologies as well as the improvement of the existing ones will determine the design of the installations on new principles.

Works: “The Effects of Water on Ammonia Systems,” IIR Ammonia Refrigeration Conference, 1997, Colorado Springs. “Introducing a New Ammonia / CO2 Cascade for Large Fishing Vessels”, 2003, IIR Ammonia Refrigeration Conference 2003 // awarded the “Andy Ammonia Award for Work on Ammonia / CO2 Cascade Systems”.

We consider that the event where we were introduced in the innovative strategies for the first time in our country was a real success. We had the opportunity to learn about the advantages of using natural agents: R290 -propane, R717 – ammonia, R744 – CO2 and components such as: compressors, vaporizers, valves, control elements, safety elements, design and use principles .

The alliance between AB TEHNIC and it`s partners has created a new trend in Romania on the refrigeration technology market. Being at the first edition, but certainly not the last, it is going to organize every two years equally interesting seminars with new topics in the area of products, dedicated to the refrigeration industry according to the legislative regulations.

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