MIV refrigerated doors

Due to its extensive experience in the refrigeration industry, AB Tehnic Profesional only works with top suppliers, such as MIV Insulating Systems, which offers solutions for a wide range of applications:

  • Swivel, sliding and flip-flap refrigerated doors
  • Aluminum or PVC profiles
  • Handles, hinges and gaskets

Used in slaughterhouses, butchers, supermarket cold stores, etc., MIV refrigerated doors meet all the needs of thermal insulation due to the different materials of different thicknesses used in their manufacture. All materials used in the construction of these doors are approved for contact with food.

If you need optimal insulation and maintaining a constant temperature, you can find the right products for you by accessing this link: https://www.abtehnic.ro/en/products/refrigerated-doors/miv-refrigerated-doors/

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