DECSA condensers with forced cooling or water cooled cannons

Cooling towers are installations that allow the reuse of water from the cooling process, putting it in direct contact with air, thus transferring heat from air to water. Water consumption in a cooling tower system is 5%. Also, the amount of hot water discharged is minimal, thus reducing ecological problems.

The section of the basin, including the fan, is constructed of a thick sheet steel structure with centrifugal fans mounted on the side of the water basin.

The centrifugal fans are made of galvanized steel of the blade type and are balanced from a static and dynamic point of view.

Electric motors with IP55, TEFC mechanical protection are mounted on large slides and placed in a position protected from atmospheric agents.

There are two models available:

CTS centrifugal fan cooling towers
AXT axial fan cooling towers

Tower accessories

  1. Exchange packages
  2. Drop separators
  3. Filling materials
  4. Nozzles

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Water in cooling towers

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