VDH temperature, humidity, pressure and air quality sensors

AB Technic Profesional is authorized distributor for Mechanical and Electronic Instruments for Measuring Temperature, Pressure and Relative Humidity.

For more than 30 years, VDH Products BV has developed and produced mechanical and electronic instruments for measuring temperature, pressure and relative humidity. The company has developed focusing on the modern customer, having loyal customers in Europe, North and South America but also in Asia.

With a motivated team of 100 engineers working with the latest production techniques, it ensures a high level of quality certified by ISO standards.

The company’s headquarters and factory are located in Roden, the Netherlands – with a branch in Kempen, Germany.


Development and testing

In order to benefit from continuous innovation, VDH products have a well-defined and developed purpose in the Research and Development Laboratory.

VDH engineers are qualified in dedicated programs and use advanced technologies to create and develop their own printed circuit boards, embedded software, enclosures and faceplates.

The facility testing lab is equipped with a climate control room and EMC testing equipment, which allows them to meet the requirements regarding CE regulations and any other new expectations.

VDH products offer a wide range of standard tools, used in many industries such as:

• Refrigeration industry and climate control

• Agriculture and Horticulture

• Refrigerated transport

• Spray booths

• Spray tubes

• Bakery

• Machinery

• Heating and ventilation

VDH produces standard tools for railways, panels and wall mounting (DIN standards). Moreover, VDH has its own special department for the manufacture of control panels and control panels at the specific requests of customers.

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